Things You Should Know

Who is this one man running the studio?

It’s me, Brendan Lane! Moonlighting as a freelance digital designer in Vancouver, Canada, I love all forms of games and have long held a passion for game making (seriously, I was designing Super Mario Bros. levels when I was 7). I believe firmly in the power of play, particularly with other people in the same room, and decided to give game making a real shot with Make It Lane Games!

Do you make online video games?

Nope. There are obvious technical hurdles to creating online games, but the biggest reason is that I’m a firm proponent of local multiplayer - the reason I play multiplayer games is because I love being able to interact with my friends and opponents in the same space. Nothing compares to that, and that’s how I believe multiplayer gaming should be done.

Why are the board games so expensive? I thought you were all about affordability!

Making games isn’t my main gig - it’s a hobby that I’m passionate about, but it’s not something that I can devote myself to fully. I don’t have time to manage inventory, place bulk orders through printers, or get my games into stores, so all of my board games are sold through The Game Crafter. Your game will be made to order, which makes it more expensive, but I aim to make games available close to production cost.

I also offer affordable purchasing options through print-and-play PDFs!

What's a print-and-play game?

A print-and-play game is simply a PDF file that you can purchase for a small price, which will allow you to print your own copy of the game. You probably won’t get the same production quality, but if you want to save some money, this is the way to go!

Why are some prices in USD and some in CAD?

Anything that I sell directly will be priced in CAD - I'm Canadian after all! This includes any digital games and print-and-play board games. However, since I use The Game Crafter, a Wisconsin-based company, for print-on-demand board games, prices are charged through them, and they, of course, price in USD. Hopefully that's not too confusing!

How do you process payment? Can I trust you?

The Game Crafter processes payment for any print-on-demand board games - they're a reputable company that I can vouch for. Some digital games might be offered through Steam, a widely known and reputable digital games platform. For everything else, transactions are securely managed through PayPal, and I deliver digital files via email.

How can I contact you?

I’m busy with lots of things, so I can’t promise I’ll get back to you, but if you shoot me an email through the form below, I’ll try to reply!